Educational Outreach

The United Nations Information Centres (UNICs) play a very important role in interacting with educational institutions in the countries/regions they operate, in order to raise awareness amongst educators and students on the role and work of the United Nations on priority issues. And UNIC Manama is no exception. The Centre raises awareness about the United Nations amongst educational institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain by:

1) Visiting schools and universities (see “UN4U Outreach Campaign below”) to update students and teachers about the work of the United Nations in the country as well as at a global level.

2) Organizing guided tours for students to the UN House as well as to other UN agencies in the country.

3) Providing internship opportunities for university level students where the selected student works with UNIC Manama’s staff for an agreed period of time which in turn gives the student a valuable chance to gain an understanding about the day to day activities at UNIC both at a country and regional level

4) Providing schools/universities with relevant documents/reports to be placed in their respective libraries and further assisting interested schools/universities set up their own UN depository libraries by putting them in contact with the concerned UN officials for this purpose.

5) Assisting schools/universities observe several UN International Days through interactive activities involving the students, teachers and management.

“UN4U” Outreach Campaign
The UN4U initiative was launched by the Department of Public Information at the UN Headquarters in New York to raise awareness about the Organization’s work to serve humanity and to commemorate UN Day which is celebrated annually on 24 October. Since the launch of this initiative, UN officials worldwide have visited several schools and have successfully teamed up with school officials to inform students about the UN and help them familiarize with the Organization’s values, principles, initiatives and objectives for a better world.