Educational Outreach

The United Nations Information Centres (UNICs) play a very important role in interacting with educational institutions in the countries/regions they operate, in order to raise awareness among educators and students on the role and work of the United Nations on priority issues. And UNIC Manama is no exception. The Centre raises awareness about the United Nations among educational institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain by:

  1. Visiting schools and universities to brief the students and teachers about the work of the United Nations in the country as well as at a global level.
  2. Organizing visits of students to the UN House where students get an opportunity to learn more about the work of the UN within the country through interactions with UN officials.
  3. Providing internship opportunities for university level students where the selected student works with UNIC Manama‚Äôs staff for an agreed period of time learning about UNIC’s role both at a country and regional level thereby gaining valuable work experience.
  4. Partnering with schools and universities to commemorate relevant UN International Days involving the active participation of the students and teachers.